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Alabama divorce lawyers

Alabama Divorce: Child’s Preference And Custody

Despite everyone’s best intentions, children usually find themselves at the center of one of the most challenging issues when it comes to divorce. Parents often find themselves on opposing sides regarding where their children should

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Why Dating During Divorce Is A Bad Idea

A divorce is a stressful time emotionally, mentally, and financially. You may be tempted to jump back into dating during divorce; however, getting back into the dating game can also come with legal, financial and

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Diy Divorce

DIY Divorce? Think Again

You may think getting a DIY divorce without an attorney present will save you money and can take you a shortcut. While it is true that Alabama does not require people getting a divorce to

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Divorce In Alabama

Things to Know About Divorce in Alabama

Going through a divorce can make you feel lonely and confused. Having quality representation and knowledge on your side is a great way to go into the proceedings with confidence. While not all divorces have

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